Open Racing FAQ

Commonly asked Ethos/Open Racing Questions

What is Open Racing?

Open Racing is a fun, competitive racing game incorporating Biometric Financial’s Moon Doge NFTs. At Open Racing you can use your NFTs to compete against other NFTs in order to win prizes! The top 3 Doges in each race win rewards.

What does it mean to compete with an NFT?

Competing with your NFT is a fun way to add utility to NFTs. In Open Racing’s case you’re entering your Moon Doge NFT into a race to compete against other people’s Moon Doge NFT. Each NFT has attributes that are factored into each race and used to determine winners.

Which NFT's are eligible to compete?

Currently only Moon Doge NFTs are eligible to compete in the race; however it is not limited to only them. Any NFT that follows the statistical guidelines for racing can be eligible to compete.

What else can I do with one of these NTFs?

These NFTs are also playable avatars in the Ethos Metaverse. The Ethos is a hyper realistic space metaverse built on the UNREAL Engine, operating on the Avalanche Smart Chain. The Ethos will have a solar system in-game that mirrors our own while also having customized planets and moons mixed in. Players will fly DogeShips from planet to planet exploring the Ethos. Currently you can explore Titan, the base planet, as a Doge or you can fly across the planet in a DogeShip. More activities will be made available over time including games to quest, achievements to earn, new planets to explore, new avatars to use, more customization for bases, and more ways to earn rewards.

How can I sell the NFT?

NFTs can be sold on NFT marketplaces such as,, and any marketplace that supports AVAX (Avalanche) NFTs

Which NFT markets are supported?

Any marketplace that supports AVAX NFTs will allow trading of Moon Doges

How can a New Moon Doge NFT be added to compete?

  • Right below the mint options on the mint page is the “Doge Egg Incubator”.
  • Each race shows the entry fee, number of participants, and the planet the race takes place on.
  • Click race details on the desired race. This will show race details, current participants and their stats.
  • In the top right corner click “Enter Race”.
  • Select the Doge you would like to enter.
  • Click “Select”
    • This will prompt a transaction. This is the entry fee plus gas to enter the race.
  • Click confirm.
  • Once the transaction is completed you will see your Doge in the race!
    • Note: Races start after the final (ninth) Moon Doge enters.

Is Open Racing Fair?

Yes. The winners of each race are determined using Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) a 100% provably fair on chain Random Number Generator (RNG).

How is Chainlink VRF utilized in Open Racing?

Each Doge has statistics that are weighed into our competition system before a winner is determined using Chainlink VRF.

How do I find a list of the winners?

Each race is catalogued on the Racing Page under the “Past Races” section. Each race you have entered a Doge in is outlined in green to easily find your most recent race.

Is every race transaction stored On Chain?

Yes every transaction interacting with the race contract is stored on the blockchain.

How can I be alerted when a competition starts or ends?

We will be implementing a Telegram channel that will alert when races begin and finish. Until then simply check back on the racing page, or if you’re lucky, you’ll see an increase in AVAX in your wallet.

What if I decide not to continue after joining?

After joining there is a “Leave Race” option below your Doge. You may leave as long as the race has not been filled.

If I leave a race early will I get my entry fee back?

Yes, less gas fees. Remember this is a blockchain game so all transactions are recorded. As OpenRacing leverages the Avalanche Network, fees are minimal.

How do I request support?

For support please click on the “Support link” on the bottom of the webpage. (this is tbd)

What kind of rewards will be given to the winners?

First place receives 50% of total entry fees, Second place receives 25% of total entry fees, and Third place receives 12.5% of total entry fees.

  • Example. $10 entry fee with nine doges means total entry fees of $90. 1st place wins $45, second place wins $22.5, and third receives $11.25.

How do I verify I got the rewards when I win?

You can search your own wallet address on and on your internal transactions you will see all the receiving payouts for races.

Will you be adding other NFTs besides Doges to the game?

Yes. First is Moon Doges, but we will be adding Cyberlete Athletes, and DISC drones to the competitions.

Can I enter more than one Moon Doge in each race?